Symposium Univ Bordeaux

Sustainable ChemistRy and EnginEeriNg School - October 21- 25, 2014

SCREEN School 2014

This school project mainly dedicated to young scientists (PhD students, postdocs and young researchers) is born from the cluster of excellence AMADEus “Advanced Materials by design”. AMADEus performs project-oriented outstanding research and engineering at the frontier of knowledge for advanced materials through an interdisciplinary approach:

  • Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering,
  • Soft Matter Physics,
  • Virtual Materials.

In the frame of the AMADEus cluster of excellence, September 2014 - August 2015 will be the year of “Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering”. At the same time, Bordeaux site was retained to organize the “4th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference: towards sustainability” (ISHA 2014) which will be held in BORDEAUX (France) from October 26th to 29th, 2014.

In this context, Screen school "Sustainable ChemistRy and EnginEeriNg School" is planned the week before ISHA 2014, from October 21 to 25, 2014 in Anglet (close to Biarritz). All participants will be accommodated at at the club Bellambra to Anglet beach. Specific registration fees are proposed for students who will attend the two events. Our motivation is really that most of the participants to Screen School will attend to ISHA2014.




Green chemistry Sustainable chemistry Chemical engineering Life cycle assessment Biosources Green solvents